Conducting a business game for one of the leading cheese producers

The client contacted KIAP with a request to develop and conduct a business game for the Company’s employees to teach the basics of antimonopoly, trade, advertising legislation and its application in the Company’s activities.

KIAP was tasked with developing a thematic business game for more than 50 client employees, including top management The goal of the game was to develop skills in monitoring and analysing regulatory innovations and law enforcement practices for their impact on the Company’s activities, identifying the most significant of them, and preparing proposals for making changes to the company’s business processes in order to minimize and eliminate regulatory risks.              

To implement the task, interviews were initially conducted with key managers of the client in order to identify real needs and formulate technical specifications. After this, KIAP lawyers developed a step-by-step plan and game scenario. According to the scenario, the company’s employees were divided into 5 teams, for each of which individual tasks were prepared (about 100 different hypothetical situations requiring legal analysis) with the aim to develop analytical skills in the areas of law most in demand for the company. After this, training was conducted with the client’s legal team. The team members were supposed to provide professional support to their colleagues. At the final stage, KIAP employees conducted a business game, as a result of which changes were made to the company’s previously existing monitoring system. These changes made it easier for implementation, and the client’s employees began to take an active part in monitoring and evaluating changes in legislation.


Ilya Ischuk, Anton Samokhvalov, Daniil Zherdev, Roman Suslov, Anna Andreyeva