Daniil Zherdev

Daniil Zherdev


Attorney at law, joined the KIAP at the beginning of 2020. Daniil specializes in supporting complex litigation, including in the areas of trade, real estate and construction, has in-depth knowledge and experience in protecting the rights of legal entities in cases of administrative liability, and also supports isolated disputes in bankruptcy proceedings.

Достижения и рекомендации

Personally ranked lawyer in Best Lawyers 2022 rating (Litigation).

Ключевые проекты

Antitrust law

  • Performing antitrust audit and implementing antitrust compliance in one of the largest retail chains in Russia.

  • Consulting a global market leader in the manufacture and maintenance of elevators, escalators and travelators on antitrust risks upon the request of a competitor.

  • Performing antitrust audit of business practices applied by managers of a food product manufacturer, one of the world leaders in its segment.


  • Representing the beneficiary of one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors in Russia in a case for bringing the beneficiary to subsidiary liability for debts exceeding RUB 8 billion.

  • Representing a foreign owner of a large shopping mall in Russia in a bankruptcy case of a counterparty. The case had favorable effect for the bankruptcy estate worth more than RUB 500 million.

  • Represented a leading foreign management company in a case for bringing controlling parties to subsidiary liability in course of the bankruptcy of a Russian construction company. The liability at stake amounted to more than RUB 350 million.


  • Representing a Russian IT company in a dispute with a state customer that tried to evade paying more than RUB 160 million.

  • Representing a major foreign retail chain in disputes over protection of business reputation.

  • Representing a commercial real estate owner in Moscow in a series of disputes over payments for the use of facilities worth more than RUB 660 million.

Real estate

  • Consulting a leading Russian manufacturer of high-tech raw materials for heavy industry enterprises. The dispute revolved over preservation of a land parcel from being seized.

  • Representing one of the largest retail chains in Russia in a dispute with a landlord over the composition of lease payments and legality of certain provisions of the lease agreement at stake.

  • Representing a commercial real estate owner in Moscow in a series of proceedings regarding establishment of the cadastral value of the real estate properties worth over RUB 2 billion.

Administrative law

  • Representing a leading Russian manufacturer of elevator equipment in a case concerning administrative liability in the amount of over RUB 40 million.

  • Represented employees of a major Russian bank in disputes with military commissariats during mobilization.

  • Represented a federal state educational institution in a number of cases involving administrative liability.