Supporting the dismissal procedure for absenteeism and representing the a Russian retailer before court

The employee was absent from the workplace for more than two months, and brought a sick leave certificate opened in one regional hospital to confirm the validity of his absence. The employer doubted the validity of the sick leave and contacted KIAP with a request to assess the prospects for dismissing the employee for absenteeism and to support a legal dispute arising from dismissal on disciplinary grounds.

As part of the inspection carried out by KIAP specialists, it was reliably established that on the days of illness and supposed examinations by a doctor, the employee was not in the region where he allegedly received treatment, and deliberately false information was entered into the sick leave certificate. As a result, the employee was dismissed for absenteeism.

Considering the dismissal illegal, the employee appealed to the court. However, due to the position developed by KIAP employees and properly recorded evidence, the courts of three instances recognized the dismissal as legal.


Julia Paushkina