Supporting the dismissal of a top manager of a European manufacturer of household appliances and the accompanying inspection by the State Labour Inspectorate

The conflict-ridden top manager who had increased protection in accordance with labour laws destabilized work processes and in every possible way “motivated” the employer to enter into an agreement to terminate the employment contract with the payment of significant compensation. In particular, in response to each order of the employer, the employee sent several counter requests, contacted the prosecutor’s office and the State Labour Inspectorate (SLI), and was prepared for lengthy litigation.

In order to terminate the employment contract and minimize subsequent challenges to the dismissal in court, the employer turned to KIAP with a request to develop and implement a dismissal strategy/

During lengthy negotiations with the employee, KIAP employees managed to sign an agreement to terminate the employment relationship on the terms proposed by the employer.


Konstantin Astafiev, Julia Paushkina