Representing a European holding company in the field of business aviation in a dispute with the Head of the Russian division

The parent company decided to dismiss the Head of the Russian representative office due to failure to achieve the set targets. Since the Heads of branches are not subject to additional reasons for termination of employment contracts as Heads of organizations, the client turned to KIAP with a request to assist in the conclusion of an agreement on the termination of employment relations and payment of market compensation to the employee. However, during the negotiations, the employee demanded severance pay in the amount of 18 times the salary but the employer did not agree.

Since the employee repeatedly violated labour discipline, KIAP lawyers developed a strategy for dismissing the employee for absenteeism, which was successfully implemented.

The employee considering the disciplinary action illegal appealed to the State Labour Inspectorate and the court. However, KIAP employees managed to confirm the validity of dismissal during administrative and judicial proceedings.


Konstantin Astafiev, Julia Paushkina