Conducting an internal investigation in the interests of a European watch manufacturer and supporting the subsequent dismissal procedure due to loss of trust

The employer contacted KIAP with a request to conduct an internal investigation in relation to employees of one of the stores due to the fact that the number of processed product returns significantly exceeded the indicators of other similar outlets of the company. Based on the results of the internal audit, it was revealed that part of the funds collected from the store had not been transferred to the employer’s bank account, there was no primary documentation for returning goods from customers, and some of the inventory items were also missing.

With the assistance of KIAP, an evidence base was promptly collected and properly recorded. It confirmed illegal actions committed by store employees, the store manager was fired due to loss of trust, and several other employees were brought to disciplinary liability in the form of a reprimand, which made it possible to stop unfair practices and stabilize operating activities of the company as a whole.


Julia Paushkina