Conducting an antimonopoly audit of the partner program of the leading Russian software vendor in the field of information security

The main channel for the sale of the Company's products is the dealer and distribution network ending with the final link: so-called "partners". Taking into account the complex technical nature of the products and the lengthy pre-sales process, the Company is interested in the high competence of their partners. To control it, a special affiliate program establishing requirements for potential counterparties and conditions for providing incentive discounts has been developed.        

To check the affiliate program and business practices related to the same, KIAP employees conducted a comprehensive antimonopoly audit: analysis of the current affiliate program, standard agreements, personnel and corporate documents of the Company, as well as interviews with employees and analysis of their email correspondence.

Based on the results, a report including a description of antimonopoly regulation in relation to the Company’s activities, a risk map and their detailed analysis with links to sources was prepared, as well as a list of practical recommendations for eliminating and minimizing risks. In addition, a draft of a new affiliation program was developed taking into account all identified risks and KIAP recommendations, as well as the latest changes in the Company’s business policy.


Ilya Ischuk, Daniil Zherdev