Advising one of the major international air carriers on a wide range of issues

As the leading legal consultant to the largest international air carrier, KIAP's labour practice provided the full range of legal assistance for their Russian divisions.

In particular, KIAP employees have done the following:

  • developed the unified bonus policy applied by all representative offices in Russia;
  • prepared conclusions on changes in working hours and breaks for rest and meals depending on airline flights to a specific airport; on remuneration for night shifts; on the transfer of employees to another job, as well as their dismissal if they do not agree to be transferred;
  • provided advice on the issues of deducting from the salaries of operational managers who made errors in calculation, as well as on payment of daily allowances for employees on business trips in Russia and abroad;
  • developed a strategy for optimizing employee costs during the pandemic when the employer’s activities were almost completely suspended.


Julia Paushkina