Integration of the russian businesses of two international groups of logistics companies

A global logistics group operating in the air, sea and road freight segments has acquired one of the largest freight forwarders and 3PL operators in the world.

The consolidation at the global holding level triggered the integration of the Russian branches of these groups. KIAP corporate team developed options for restructuring of the companies. This required:

  • analyzing the current corporate structure of the two groups;
  • preparing a report with analysis of the key options for restructuring and integrating the businesses and description of the principal legal and tax implications of such options;
  • presenting the report to local and global management.

The project required consideration of: the economic and financial triggers of integration; the elimination of duplicative functions; the need to ensure continuity of ongoing logistics operations and cash flow, and the protection of management interests.


Anton Samokhvalov, Roman Suslov, Nikita Lutskiy